One Rotten Apple

Fall is here; winter is coming, and now is the time of the year when the smell of apples, and cinnamon pervade the air giving a warm and cozy feeling.

Inside of an old apple on white background

But when the Honey Crisp in the back of your fridge ends up less than Golden Delicious what should you do? No fear, there are many ways to use old apples that still deliver on the great taste and nutritional value! Continue reading One Rotten Apple

Going Cold Turkey

Outbreaks of food poisoning occur most often in November and December and meat and poultry accounted for 92% of outbreaks. The last thing you want to think about when sitting down to your Thanksgiving meal is whether or not your turkey is going to make you sick, but that won’t happen if you follow these easy tips to keep you and your family safe.

turkey Continue reading Going Cold Turkey