Safe Workplace Dining

Many Americans regularly eat lunch and snacks at their workplace. Some have designated lunchrooms, but many of us regularly eat at our desks- including me!

By following a few simple, common sense food safety tips, you can safely dine during work hours.

Wash your hands properly and often!

Keep Cold Foods Cold:
• Use the refrigerator to store your lunch and snacks
• If there isn’t a refrigerator, use an ice pack or frozen water bottle
• Keep food out of the “Danger Zone” (41-135°F) for longer than 2 hours

Refrigerator Safety:
• Label and date your food and leftovers
• Throw away your foods that are over 3-5 days old
• Wash and sanitize the interior of the refrigerator on a regular basis

Microwave Oven Hints:
• Keep all foods being cooked or reheated covered
• Immediately wipe down all splatters
• Wash and sanitize the interior of the microwave on a regular basis

In The Break Or Lunch Room:
• Do not use sponges, which are a breeding ground for germs
• Use disposable paper towels
• Wash dishes in hot soapy water, rinse, sanitize and air dry

Food Safety Tools to Keep On Hand At Work:
• Hand Sanitizer
• Disinfectant Wipes
Washing your hands and all surfaces with warm, soapy water is best, but if that is not        possible at least use hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes.
• Paper Towels
• Spray Disinfectant
• Labels for foods and leftovers
• Marker
• Refrigerator Thermometer-make sure your office refrigerator is set properly below 40®
• Food Thermometer- always reheat leftover lunch foods to an internal temperature of 165®

If You Take Your Lunch To Work:
• Wash your lunch container and thermos in hot soapy water every day
• If you use a brown paper bag, purchase lunch size bags and use a clean bag each day
• Pre-heat thermos with hot water before filling with hot liquids
• Pre-chill thermos with ice water before filling with cold liquids

Desk Drawer Food Storage Hints:
• Snacks and foods may attract pests to work areas
• Periodically clean and disinfect desk top, drawers, table tops and other work surfaces
• Keep only a limited supply of individually wrapped, single serve portions of snacks in your desk drawer, purse, briefcase or backpack

Happy, food safe office dining!

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