Hot Cocoa Or Is It Hot Chocolate?

I do not like winter with its freezing temperatures, whipping wind, snow, and ice! Nevertheless, I do like to warm up with a hot beverage cradled in my hands. Whether it’s topped with a few puffy marshmallows or a dollop of freshly whipped cream, a mug of comforting, creamy hot chocolate is one of winter’s most decadent pleasures! Continue reading Hot Cocoa Or Is It Hot Chocolate?

Beneficial Beans

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends 2-3 cups of legumes per week for health (most American adults eat less than 1 cup). Legumes include foods such as fresh peas and beans, soybeans, peanuts, and pulses. Pulses (what we commonly refer to as beans) include lentils, chickpeas, and dried peas and beans. These dry (or canned) beans are one simple, inexpensive, and tasty way to eat more legumes.

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