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Honey drizzle



Myth or Truth!

For thousands of years cultures have been using honey for other purposes besides sweetening their breads and drinks. The Egyptians would also use it as an embalming agent or to feed the soul after the body had decomposed, German peasants would use honeycombs and honey to pay taxes to their lords, and other cultures would use honey for the antibacterial components to heal rashes, burns, and wounds. Continue reading Honey

Enjoy the Holidays

Enjoy Your Holidays!

The holidays are here!!!! Pumpkin pie, cheesy square potatoes, sugar cookies, stuffing with gravy, and peanut brittle are just a few of the favorite holiday foods that Teton County Extension staffers are talking about. The fitness and health food industry can hardly contain themselves because January 1st is fast approaching.  New Year’s Resolutioners will be motivated and ready to buy gym memberships and weight loss pills and buy into the latest and greatest diet strategy.  Why not try a new strategy this year for the holidays?  This year enjoy your favorite holiday meals and treats, but in moderation, while adding a few new healthier recipes and getting exercise every day! Continue reading Enjoy the Holidays

Wild Game

Wild Game: The Other Red Meat

Hunting season is in full swing across the state of Wyoming, and during this time of year we are reminded that there are other sources of red meat. Wild game such as deer, antelope, elk, and moose are all excellent sources of protein, B-vitamins, and minerals (iron and zinc). They are relatively low in saturated fat and are considered lean sources of protein. Wild game can be interchangeable with many favorite dinners that contain meat from barbeque to stews. Continue reading Wild Game

The Halloween Conundrum: How to Prevent Dental Caries, But Enjoy the Holiday!

We all know it’s that time of year for autumn colors, chilly weather, warm soup, candy corn, hot chocolate, and dental caries.  Dental caries?  Yes, dental caries.  Halloween kicks off the holiday season and fills our routines with sweets, holiday gatherings, scary costumes, and not to mention warm snuggles on the couch instead of exercise on the streets.  Although it is a wonderful time of year and all worth it to celebrate with family and friends, the health of your teeth can pay the price if you’ve gone overboard on filling your trick-or-treat bucket (and stomach) with candy and other sweets.  Nutrition can play a tremendous role in the health of your smile.  The amount of saliva you have, the foods you choose to eat each day, and even the type of water you drink affects the health of your exam Continue reading The Halloween Conundrum: How to Prevent Dental Caries, But Enjoy the Holiday!

Produce: The Best Fast Food!

Ever since childhood, Americans have heard that we should eat more fruits and vegetables. Although the marketing tools and graphic design of this message changed with the release of MyPlate in 2011, the general advice hasn’t changed. The recommendation is to fill half of the plate with fruits and vegetables or eat 5-a-day. In this blog, I will discuss why fruits and vegetables are so important in a healthy diet, address the current fruit and vegetable consumption in the U.S. and offer some tips on how to incorporate more into your diet.

Continue reading Produce: The Best Fast Food!