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Stay healthy this branding season!

It’s springtime in Wyoming, which means branding season will soon be in full swing.  Livestock producers know there are many risks associated with working livestock and with branding, but most do not consider gastrointestinal illness as one of these risks.  But during the last 20 years , the Wyoming Department of Health has received numerous reports of  campylobacteriosis among state residents due to the potential association between cattle handling, especially branding-related activities, and infection of the Campylobacter jejuni bacteria.

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Are you passing down your food heritage?


As the holiday season approaches, our thoughts turn to our families and to the traditions that are an integral part of our family’s heritage.  There is no better time to reflect upon the importance of family and strengthen family ties than during the holiday

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Tips To Avoid Holiday Overeating

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The eating frenzy began at Halloween and will now continue through the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. But the parties and eating won’t end then, as we will still be feasting until the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day are over. But don’t worry, it isn’t necessary to hibernate during all of the festivities to avoid packing on those extra pounds. There are easy ways to change your behavior and still enjoy yourself without becoming an unofficial member of the holiday weight-gainers club. Continue reading Tips To Avoid Holiday Overeating

Cook A Corned Beef Dinner

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To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year, why not cook a Corned Beef dinner?  Cooking corned beef is as easy as boiling water and that’s no blarney!  I love St. Patrick’s Day and Corned Beef is one of my very favorite meals of the whole year.  Growing up my family ate corned beef every St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate our family’s small amount of Irish heritage and we have continued that tradition each and every year. Continue reading Cook A Corned Beef Dinner