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Wyoming Commercial Pesticide Applicator Training Manuals

Manuals are available for Free to download from this page.  If you would like printed copies they are $10.00 per manual to cover shipping.  Please use the link below to order print versions.

  • Link to this Order Form (pdf)
  • If paying by credit card, call (307) 766-2115 to order.
  • Or print and complete the Order Form by selecting the Manuals required for the categories you will be taking exams.
  • Make your check or money order payable to University of Wyoming Extension-PSEP.
  • Return your completed form and payment to:
    University of Wyoming
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    Attn: Pesticide Applicator Training Coordinator

For questions, please contact Jeff Edwards, the Pesticide Applicator Training Coordinator at (307) 837-2956.

License Categories, Exam, Training Manuals

The following table outlines the State of Wyoming License Categories, Pesticide Applicator Exams, and corresponding study manuals for Commercial Pesticide Applicators. Training Manuals are available for download through this website or print versions can be ordered from UW Ag Communications and Technology using this Order Form.


CORE – including the Wyoming State Statutes

The material in this manual is required for all Private and Commercial Exam takers.

  • Commercial Applicators must pass the CORE exam prior to taking any other category exams.
  • Private Applicators only need to obtain Category 01001 if they intend to purchase or apply Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP) (including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, etc), however, they must also obtain specific category endorsements for:
    • Category 01002 Specific Use
    • Category 01003 Livestock Protection Collar
    • Category 01004 M-44
    • Category 01005 Chemigation (see study manual information for category 901 F).
Commercial CORE

Private 01001 CORE

Wyoming Pesticide Applicator Certification CORE manualWyoming Pesticide Applicator Certification CORE manual cover


Wyoming Agricultural Pest Control: All 901 Categories New August 2018!

Private applicators who chemigate must have the 01005 Chemigation endorsement – Study all of section 901 F and complete the 901 F Chemigation exam at your local Extension office to receive this endorsement.

All 901 Categories:

  • 901 A Weed Control
  • 901 B Insect Control
  • 901 C Disease Control
  • 901 D Animal Pest Control
  • 901 E Rodent Control
  • 901 F Chemigation = 01005 Chemigation for Private Applicators

Khaki cover with grain and bug icon

Category 901

Forest Pest Control 902

Wyoming Ornamental and Turf Pests NEW February 2018!

All 903 Categories

  • 903 A Weed Control
  • 903 B Insect Control
  • 903 C Disease Control
  • 903 E Rodent Control
Cover of Wyoming Ornamental and Turf Pest Categories: All 903 Categories
Category 903
Seed Treatments 904

This manual is available only in hard copy. You can purchase a copy using this order form.

Aquatic Pest Control 905
Right-Of-Way Pest Control (released April 2016) 906 Wyoming Right-of-Way Vegetation Management
Category 906
Industrial, Institutional, Structural and Health-Related Pest Control, (X) 907 X
Industrial, Institutional, Structural and Health-Related Pest Control, (G) Fumigation 907 G
Industrial, Institutional, Structural and Health-Related Pest Control, (H) Bird Control 907 H

Thumbnail image of brown cover for Category 907 training manual
Category 907 H

Public Health Pest Control (government employees only) 908
Regulatory Pest Control, (X) General (government employees only) 909 X All Category Manuals included in the Training Manual Need to Be Studied
Regulatory Pest Control, (E) Rodent Control, (H) Bird Control, (I) Vertebrate Pest Control (government employees only)

909 E, H and I Categories

  • 909 E Rodent Control
  • 909 H Bird Control
  • 909 I Vertebrate Pest Control

Thumbnail image of 909E, H, and I training manual
Category 909 E, H and I

Regulatory Pest Control, (J) M-44 (government employees only) 909 J Wyoming Department of Agriculture Provides Training
Regulatory Pest Control, (K) Livestock Protection Collar (government employees only) 909 K Wyoming Department of Agriculture Provides Training
Demonstration and Research Pest Control 910

Category 910

Specific Use Pest Control, (L) Wood Preservation and Wood Products Treatment 911 L
Specific Use Pest Control, (M) Non-Government M-44 911 M Wyoming Department of Agriculture Provides Training
Specific Use Pest Control, (N) Non-Government Livestock Protection Collar 911 N Wyoming Department of Agriculture Provides Training
Specific Use Pest Control, (O) Non-Government Mosquito Control 911 O
Specific Use Pest Control, (P) Sewer Line Root Control 911 P
Aerial Application 912

Cover for Aerial Applicators training manual. Yellow plane flying low over corn field.

Category 912

What are my options if I fail one or more exams?

  1. Testers are given 2 attempts total per category (ie. core, 901a, 901b, etc.).  If the tester does not pass their required categories in the allotted attempts, the tester is required to submit an affidavit of training, signed by their supervisor (or provide a certificate of completion with the affidavit of training) prior to being reset by PSEP or WDA.
  2. If tester does not pass on the third (3rd) attempt, the tester will be required to wait 45 days to retest or must attend a training approved by WDA and submit a certificate to WDA prior to retesting.  (A list of approved training’s can be located at
  3. Wyoming does have a “direct supervision” regulation that allows a non-certified applicator to work under the direct supervision of a certified applicator. The supervised employee must be within 50 miles or 1 hour of Supervisor, direct phone or radio contact, AND all instructions for the employee must be in a written document.