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Wyoming’s Pesticide Applicator Certification Program

Pesticides are an important tool for use in the protection of structures, plants, livestock, fiber, food, as well as human and animal health. Individuals who apply restricted-use pesticides must be certified to do so under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticides Act (FIFRA) and the Wyoming Environmental Pesticide Control Act of 1973. Amendments to FIFRA require that applicators be continually recertified. Training is conducted by University of Wyoming Extension Staff. Licensing is conferred by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture (WDA), which enforces FIFRA and the state act in Wyoming.

Resources available at this website are provided to assist UW Extension Educators in developing their own program for training new and renewing Private Applicators. You are welcome to incorporate the presentations available here or develop your own, as long as you adhere to the WDA standards for training private applicators.

The WDA requires Private Applicators to attend a minimum of two (2) hours of training every five (5) years to certify and maintain their certification as a Wyoming private applicator. The WDA suggests that the training session format be as follows:

  1. A verbal review of the certification requirements for Wyoming private pesticide applicators. An excellent review can be found in the Wyoming Department of Agriculture Pamphlet “Certification of Applicators who use Restricted Use Pesticides“. This pamphlet is available from the Wyoming Department of Agriculture.
  2. A verbal review of pesticide laws and regulations.
  3. Training on the use of pesticides which should include safety, handling, groundwater contamination, misuse, public concerns, and disposal.
  4. Training on proper use of pesticide equipment and calibration.
  5. The balance of the training session is comprised of presentations chosen by the instructor. Electives may include such items as weed, insect or disease control and could include presentations by specialists in the pesticide business such as Extension personnel, Weed & Pest Supervisors, or others involved with pesticides.

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