Landowners and land management professionals usually have very interesting stories on how they selected the land management business. Wyoming’s landowners and managers¬† share their own personal stories regarding their operations or profession.

Frank Eathorne (Bill, WY) discusses their family operation.

Dr. Mike Smith (Laramie, WY) shares his story of how he became involved in rangeland management and his time at the University of Wyoming.

Alden Wolfgram (North Dakota) discusses the history of his ranch.

Niels Hansen (Rawlins, WY) discusses his operation’s history and what land stewardship means to him.

Scott George (Cody, WY) shares the history of their dairy farm and farming practices used on their operation.

Jewel Reed (Bill, WY) and her sister share stories about their family and the history of their sheep operation.

Jim Wilson (Thermopolis, WY) discusses his operation and the importance of planning for the future.