Rangeland stewardship can include various aspects of land management and, as many know, land management is a complex issue with many moving parts. One part are current issues that can have a major impact on how rangelands are managed and ultimately sustained. Current issues are usually topics that can be controversial and at times management can be broader than just at the state level. Federal species listings and management decisions are just one example of such issues. Through this project, viewpoint videos on topics of interest were developed to gather insight from individuals with differing perspectives and experiences.

Wild Horses: Wyoming Perspectives
This video illustrates the various perspectives on wild, or as some call them feral, horses in Wyoming.


Sage-Grouse: Wyoming Perspectives
Sage-grouse can be a very controversial topic. Specialists and stakeholders discuss the impacts and issues in Wyoming.


Energy Development in Wyoming
Wyoming’s economy largely depends on natural resource extraction. Various individuals discuss their roles and experiences with Wyoming’s energy development.

University of Wyoming’s partner, the University of Arizona, has also developed current topic videos to provide a view of current issues land managers are dealing with in their state.