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Gardening in the Big Horn Basin

Gardening can be challenging in the Big Horn Basin. Our native soils are low in organic matter; the arid climate causes salts to accumulate in the soil; an unexpected late or early frost can kill plants. But we also have some advantages here like the long hot summers, low humidity, and relatively little wind compared to much of Wyoming.

Please read this letter and browse through some of these resources. Hopefully these will help you get off to a good start, and inspire many years of fun and productive gardening.

Recording from Online Classes:

Articles by Dr. Caitlin: 

Soil Testing:

Getting Started:

Raised Beds and Containers:

Growing Flowers:

Growing Fruit:


Gardening Seasons in the Big Horn Basin:

In Worland, our average last frost date (32 F) is May 9th, and our average first frost date is September 24th. You can look up the average dates for your location here. Note that these are average dates, and sometimes Mother Nature has her own ideas! Based on our growing season, this is the calendar we use for the Worland Community Garden:

More University of Wyoming Extension Resources:

Other Garden Resources:

The Idaho Victory Garden Program  – This is a self-guided, self-paced course. You may go through it as quickly or as slowly as you would wish. There are videos, lectures, readings, and activities for you to choose from.

Master Gardener Short Course Series  – The Master Gardener Short Course Series highlights sections from OSU’s Master Gardener Online course, which allows you to study the specific fundamentals that you’re interested in.

Trees and Shrubs:


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