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Designed and Maintained by Bridger Feuz
University of Wyoming – Livestock Marketing Specialist/Area Educator

The goal of this site is to provide usable tools to help ranchers (both large and small) be able to make better decisions, leading to sustainable operations. Each tool is accompanied with a fact sheet and instructions on utilizing the tool. If you don’t see the tool you need here contact me at bmfeuz@uwyo.edu and let me know what you would like to have added.

General Budgeting

  • Partial Budget – Use the partial budget tool to help make decisions such as; Should I sell calves or yearlings? Should I retain ownership on my heifers? What should I do with my cull cows? Should I buy hay or put up my own?
  • NPV Tool – Use the Net Present Value (NPV) tool to make decisions when a significant capital investment is needed. The NPV tool also contains an EconoRange version which helps in making decisions on range and pasture improvement projects.

Livestock Tools

  • Break-Even Budget – Use the Break-Even Budget tool to help make market timing decisions for selling livestock.
  • Bull Valuation Tool
  • Cow Valuation – This tool is designed to estimate the current value of a cow based on a projected number of calves. It can be used for all breeding age cows from heifers to short term cows. The tool was adapted from a spreadsheet developed by John Ritten, Steve Paisley and Brian Lee.
  • Cull Cow Marketing Tool – This calculator allows you to analyze the market timing of cull cows, as well as the potential to feed cull cows to create additional value.
  • Price Slide – Use this calculator to calculate the results of a price slide in a contract for calves. The calculator also estimates a break-even cost of gain.
  • Genetic Investment – The Genetic Investment tool provides break-even values to aid in the bull buying decision process.
  • Stocking Tool – This tool provides two different methods for determining stocking rate. The first tab allows you to calculate a stocking rate from past experience with the pasture. The second tab allows you to calculate a stocking rate using the clip and weigh method.
  • AUM Value Tool – Use this tool to calculate a base value of an AUM for leasing arrangements.
  • Market Comparison – This tool calculates an adjusted market price for various auctions, video auctions and order buyers. The adjusted price allows you to see an “apples to apples” comparison of markets.

Crop and Miscellaneous

  • Relative Feed Value – This tool calculates the relative value of feeds as compared to corn, soy and alfalfa. It is intended to help guide the decision process, but the values may not be reflective of current market price.
  • Wheat Price – Use this tool to calculate wheat price premiums and discounts.
  • Sprayer Calibration – Use this tool in combination with the 1/128 method of calibration to accurately adjust your sprayers for ideal weed control.

Bridger Feuz
University of Wyoming Extension
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