Regenerative Grazing Workshop

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Cost: $40 per person.


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More about Alejandro Carrillo and the Las Damas Ranch

The ranch is located in the middle of the Chihuahuan Desert, about 250 miles due south of El Paso, TX and consists of 30,000 total acres, of which 25,000 acres are grazable. It is managed by Alejandro Carrillo along with his father, wife, and daughters.

The 50-year average precipitation for the Las Damas Ranch has been 10 inches annually. However, the last three years have averaged about eight inches per year. For most ranches in the area (operating conventionally), 150 to over 200 acres are required to support a single cow and calf unit. There is a short 2-3 month rainy season starting sometime in late June or July and extending into September. That is followed by an extended dry season. Temperatures can reach 105 degrees F or higher in the summer months.

Las Damas Ranch Case Study