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Buying Meat Directly from Farmers and Ranchers

For a current list of producers with meat or meat animals available in Wyoming please call (307-347-3431) or email (WashakieCounty@uwyo.edu).

If you use Facebook, you can try the Wyoming Meat and Produce Market. Many local butchers also have a retail store front and sell various cuts of meat or can help you find local producers.

If you have animals or meat to sell fill out this form or call the Washakie County Extension Office and we will add your to the list.

If you are buying “locker meat” directly from a farmer or rancher, here is how it generally works:

  1. Find a producer who has the type of animal you want.
  2. Arrange with them to purchase the whole animal or a portion of the animal.
  3. The producer will usually transport the animal to the butcher for you.
  4. You then arrange with the butcher for the cuts you want and any extras like sausage or hams, and pay them directly for their services.

It is common for producers to charge per pound of “hanging weight”. This is how much the carcass weighs after slaughter and before processing. See the charts below. For example, on a pig you will get around 70% of the carcass (by weight) back as meat after processing (depending on the animal and the cuts you choose).

Resources for Producers

Wyoming Laws About Buying and Selling Meat and Poultry Products

Wyoming consumers have more freedom to buy meat directly from producers than do consumers in most other states. When House Bill 0155 goes into effect on July 1, 2020 as an amendment to the Wyoming Food Freedom Act, customers will be able to purchase individual cuts of meat directly from producers through a herd-share agreement. This article helps explain how this works. For assistance navigating the regulatory and business implications of these changes contact Cole Ehmke, UW Extension Specialist: cehmke@uwyo.edu

Resources for Schools, Restaurants, and Organizations

Call your local Wyoming CHS inspector directly with questions: https://wyagric.state.wy.us/divisions/chs/contacts.

Restaurants, senior centers, group homes, schools, etc. can use meat from WY State Inspected Meat Plants OR USDA Inspected Meat Plants only.  Meat processed as Custom Exempt is labeled “not for re-sale” and can only be consumed by the individual that buys the meat and their family/guests.

There are six WY State Inspected facilities that both process and slaughter. They have specific slaughter days for State Inspected and other slaughter says for Custom Exempt.  If a restaurant, school, or service organization is purchasing meat from one of these processors they must tell the processor that then need State Inspected.

  • Rogers Meat (Powell): 754-2577
  • Kompac Meat Processing (Casper): 234-2626
  • Country Style Meat (Glenrock): 436-5439
  • Wyoming Custom Meats (Hudson): 332-3655
  • Paintrock Processing (Hyattville): 469-2343
  • Purcellla’s (Buffalo): 278-0800

Have a Question?

Washakie County Extension

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