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National Food Safety Education Month

Any time is a great time to refresh your food safety skills, but the back-to-school season is an ideal occasion to do so. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention promotes September as National Food Safety Education Month (NFSEM) and offers plenty of resources and information related to foodborne illness and food safety.   NFSEM encourages operators to share food safety practices and tips with employees, while also educating the general public about the importance of food safety protocols, including the proper storing and handling of food at home.

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Choosing a Food Preservation Method


Fall is a fabulous time of year.Pickles

It’s the time of year when fresh, local produce is available.  A successful hunting trip may provide you with extra meat for your family.  You may want to can, freeze or dehydrate foods for enjoyment during Wyoming’s cold winter months. Continue reading Choosing a Food Preservation Method

Jet Air Hand Dryers


With so many people on the roads these next few months and perhaps using the jet air hand dryers at the rest stops or businesses, here is some interesting information that I gleaned from the FOOD FOR THOUGHT, WY Dept. of Ag:  Consumer Health Services Division, Spring, 2016, issue article that was written by Alexandra Ossola.  For the complete article, you can go online to Continue reading Jet Air Hand Dryers