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What’s Your Pumpkin IQ?

The October 2015 FOOD NETWORK MAGAZINE had some interesting trivia in their “What’s Your Pumpkin IQ?” pages 31 – 36. Here is a sampling of some of the questions.  I’ll give you the correct answer instead of the multiple choice ones they had. Here’s FOOD NETWORK MAGAZINE’s questions (and answers):pumpkins Continue reading What’s Your Pumpkin IQ?

Can Jam Or Jelly Be Made With Honey?

Assortment Of Homemade Jam In The Glass Jars

“Sugar serves as a preserving agent, contributes flavor, and aids in gelling.  Cane and beet sugar are the usual sources of sugar for jelly or jam.  Corn syrup and honey may be used to replace part of the sugar in recipes, but too much will mask the fruit flavor and alter the gel structure.  Use tested recipes for replacing sugar with honey and corn syrup.  Do not try to reduce the amount of sugar in traditional recipes.  Too little sugar prevents gelling and may allow yeasts and molds to grow.”  Continue reading Can Jam Or Jelly Be Made With Honey?


dirty grill

If the rain truly stops and the sun decides to stay out, you may be thinking about finally getting out your grill, summer serving trays, and cooking utensils.  According to the Cleaning Institute home page, the answer as to whether you should clean or disinfect those items and what the difference between the two is: Continue reading SUMMER SANITIZATION: Getting Grill Ready