Wyoming Master Stockman
Break-even Using a Partial Budget Approach
This break-even tool works for multiple classes and species of livestock.
Proposed Change
Additional Costs   Additional Income
  Number Price/       Number Breakeven  
Description of Units Cost Total   Final Weight of Head Price Total
  Enter the projected final weight of your livestock.  Enter number
  of head you project to sell.  Often this number is different than
  the original number due to death loss.  The model will calculate
  the break-even price in $/cwt.    
Reduced Income   Reduced Costs (Savings)
  Number Market       Number Price/  
Intial Weight of Head Price/CWT Total   Description of Units Cost Total
Days of Interest Rate    
Enter the initial weight of your livestock, number of head and price  
in dollars per cwt.  Also enter the number of days that you are   
considering holding your livestock.  Finally, enter the interest rate   
using either the rate on a loan if needed, or the rate that could be  
earned using this capital.        
Total Additional Costs and Reduced Income   Total Additional Income and Reduced Costs
          Breakeven Price
Sensitivity Analysis
10% General Factor   5% General Factor
  Worst Likely Best     Worst Likely Best
  Savings Savings Savings     Savings Savings Savings
Worst-Cost   Worst-Cost
Likely-Cost   Likely-Cost
Best-Cost   Best-Cost