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  • CDMS – Agricultural chemical labels and MSDS’s from more than 70 manufactures.
  • Industry Task Force II on 2,4-D Research Data Web Site
  • EXTOXNET: Pesticide Toxicology Database – EXTOXNET provides science-based information about pesticides written for the non-expert.
  • – Crop Protection Reference – We are able to provide you with this free updating service for the
    Crop Protection Reference thanks to the sponsorship of the companies whose products are included here. This site also contains pesticide labels and
    MSDS’s from several companies in Adobe PDF format.
  • High Plains Integrated Pest Management Guide – A cooperative effort of the Universities of Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado and Montana.
  • Interregional Research Project #4 (IR-4)– It is now possible to find out the status of current IR-4 research projects involving pesticides and biopesticides on food crops as well as ornamentals. Other information available includes EPA submissions, new clearances, cumulative clearances, new pesticide chemistries, and an electronic version of the Pesticide Clearance Request form.
  • NPTN (National Pesticide Information Center) – A cooperative effort of Oregon State University and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. A toll-free telephone service that provides pesticide information to any caller in the United States, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands (1-800-858-7378). A service that provides objective, science-based information about a wide variety of pesticide-related subjects, including: pesticide products; recognition and management of pesticide poisoning; toxicology; environmental chemistry

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